Offer your patients the comfort and convenience of in-home specimen collections

Your patients shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience for diagnostic quality, or compromise on service for lab accessibility. With mobile specimen collection through Quest at Home, your patients get the testing they need and the care they deserve in the time and place that works best for them.

Quest at Home extends the reach of your practice through ExamOne’s mobile specimen collection network. Our mobile phlebotomists provide a seamless connection to Quest Diagnostic’s laboratory services, delivering the insights you need to quickly make important care decisions.

Most routine lab tests can be supported through mobile specimen collections. Referring your patients to Quest at Home allows you to provide your patients flexibility and choice while ensuring quality testing.

With the rapid adoption of telemedicine and remote visits, patients value diagnostic services that deliver the level of convenience they’ve come to expect at other points in their care journey.

As the healthcare system evolves, mobile specimen collections through ExamOne provide an easy entry point with full integration to Quest lab services to make the patient’s healthcare experience simpler, seamless, and insightful.

Please find answers to frequently asked questions below.

For more information about Quest at Home, please contact us.

All tests must ordered by the patient’s personal/treating physician. Physicians participating in Quest at Home will receive a tracking code to indicate a test is eligible for in-home specimen collection when creating the lab order in Quanum.

The physician will then direct their patient to the ExamOne scheduling website with digital brochures and/or physical tear sheets.

The patient visits, provides basic demographic information, selects a date and time from available appointments, uploads their lab order and submits payment for collection service fee via credit card.

The fee for a mobile collection is $55.

Patients are responsible for arranging payment for the collection fee via credit card at the time of scheduling. While the specimen collection would not be billed to the Health Plan, the laboratory tests performed would be billed as a health care claim to the patient’s applicable Health Plan under the terms of the existing contractual agreements and in accordance with the laboratory’s usual procedures.

If the patient needs to make any changes to their appointment, please call ExamOne at 1.855.392.6361opens phone dialer, between 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PST Monday – Friday or email questathome@examone.comcreate new email.

Appointment cancellations made less than 24-hours of the scheduled collection will be charged the full collection fee.

ExamOne mobile phlebotomists complete each specimen collection per established protocol. A mobile blood collection typically takes between 10 to 20 minutes.

Upon arrival, the mobile phlebotomist will verify the patient’s demographics with driver license and verify insurance information on the laboratory requisition.

ExamOne’s mobile phlebotomists undergo regular proficiency testing and follow rigorous safety protocols. Our employees are state-licensed, up-to-date on their credentials and have passed a multistep safety screening & background check. ExamOne mobile phlebotomists have backgrounds such as RNs, LPNs, Medical Assistants, Medical Technicians and Lab Technicians.

The mobile phlebotomist will deliver the specimen to the closest Quest Patient Service Center (PSC).

Patient Service Representative (PSR) will complete the order in Quanum, process the specimen and place the specimen for courier pickup to the local laboratory.

Laboratory will receive the specimen, process and deliver results in the normal manner.

The ordering physician receives the test results according to our current resulting procedure – usually within 2-5 days.

Your practice can deliver the lab results as usual, or the patient can access results directly through MyQuest.

ExamOne professionals are aware of the tests performed, however, they are not qualified to discuss testing reasons nor do they get results.

Most routine lab tests for adult patients are eligible for mobile collection, such as the Complete Blood Count (CBC), Lipid Panel, Protime INR, and other routine blood tests.

While most tests can be supported with mobile specimen collections, ExamOne is not able to provide in-home collections for timed glucose monitoring, employment drug and alcohol screens, semen tests, stool tests, swabs such as a Pap smear, bone marrow, or biopsy collections.

Please contact us for a more detailed list of tests excluded from mobile collection.